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The pages in this new version of my Bach Works Catalog were generated by an application I wrote in Borland's Delphi which serves as an interface to a Paradox database. This allows me to quickly add and update information in the catalog.

My plans for this section and for my entire site in general is to create a source of information and Bach-related resources that will grow over time. My Bach Works Catalog was originally created because I wanted a catalog that was organized the way I saw the catalog of Bach works. While the catalog still follows Wolfgang Schmeider's BWV numbers, the sections are organized in a different way. My goal was not to create a historically correct catalog but rather, a catalog that was easier to navigate and understand. The works are still, more or less, organized by their BWV numbers. I also wanted a catalog that included English translations for terms and titles.

The pages in this catalog are organized into a relatively simple, hierarchal, manner. It should be easy to navigate the hierarchy using the links at the tops and bottoms of the pages. Note that the rotating Bach Monogram images at the top of the page serve the same function as the ««« ( previous ) and »»» ( next ) links at the bottom of the page.

Note that, at this time, many of the entries are still awaiting translation. There are also many entries that need to be corrected and/or expanded.

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