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The Canon Triplex a 6 Voc.
from the
1746 Portrait of
Johann Sebastian Bach
by E.G. Haussman

BWV 1076 · Canon triplex a 6 voc.
3 simultaneous Canons, each with 2 voices
The Canons are realized by following the leader by one measure with its inversion.
     This is the second canon from BWV 1087 that was known before the discovery of the cycle in 1974. In 1746 Elias Haussmann painted what we now know as the most authentic portrait of Bach. In his right hand the composer holds the triplex canon (before 1972 known as BWV 1076) which he would present the following year, with his variations on Vom Himmel hoch (BWV 769) for membership in Mizler's Society of Musical Sciences. Because the canon's soggetto is similar to the cantus firmus of the Vom Himmel hoch variations it was thought that the canon was composed in or about 1746. With the discovery of the fourteen canons of the Goldberg cycle it was learned that the erstwhile Vom himmel hoch canon was actually written in conjunction with the Goldberg Variations.
by Tim Smith from his site: Analysis of the Canons and Fugues of J.S. Bach
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