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Bach Quiz No. 18 - December 1999
Answer the Bach Quiz correctly and you'll be entered to win a Bach CD!
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This month's prize has been provided by
Harmonia Mundi

St. Matthew Passion
3CD's + Interactive PC/Windows CD-ROM

Choeur et Orchestre du Collegium Vocale

IAN BOSTRIDGE (Evangelist),
Franz-Josef Selig (Christ)
Sibylla Rubens, soprano
Andreas Scholl, alto
Werner Güra, tenor
Dietrich Henschel, basse

In November Harmonia Mundi released Philippe Herreweghe's second edition of Bach's "St. Matthew Passion". The week following its wild success at the 1998 PROMS in the Albert Hall, Herreweghe brought the chorus and orchestra of Collegium Vocale, Ghent, including Ian Bostridge (Evangelist) and Andreas Scholl to France for the recording.

harmonia mundi follows its award-winning CD-ROM "A Journey into the World of Mozart's Opera" with one on Bach and the St. Matthew Passion. Among its many features, it will include a panorama of Bach's life and compositions, an interactive analysis of the work and an interview with Philippe Herreweghe.

CD-ROM Screen-Shots - click on thumbnails for full-size images
Note: these images use JPEG compression so the will not look as good as the actual CD-ROM screens.

The Quiz ...

If your answers are correct, you will be entered into the contest to win a Bach CD.
Winners will be selected at random at the end of the month and notified by e-mail.
You may answer the quiz more than once but only your last entry will be counted.

You may also put the answers to the questions in an e-mail message and send it to:

Please note, multiple entries from a single person using alternate e-mail addresses and names will be disqualified.
Multiple entries from the same household are accepted within reason. ( no pets, distant cousins, or dearly departed )


Who wrote the text for the St. Matthew Passion?
( that is, who created the translation used by Bach )

Christian Friedrich Henrici ( aka Picander )

Besides the St. Matthew Passion and St. John Passion,
name one other Passion that Bach wrote but only exists as a fragment:

St. Mark Passion ( also accepted but spurious: St. Luke Passion )

What famous composer resurrected ( no pun intended ) Bach's St. Matthew Passion
about 100 years after it's first performance?
( correct spelling optional )

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

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