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Bach Quiz No. 1 - December 1997
... and the winner is ...
Enrico Bortolazzi
There were 84 correct answer submissions for the quiz.
( Incorrectly spelled answers were accepted. )
At the time of winner selection, Dave's J.S. Bach Page contained 17,208,122 bytes
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This month's prize has been provided by Pangaea Productions.

J.S. Bach - The Goldberg Variations for Guitar
Kurt Rodarmer - Classical Guitar
autographed by Kurt Rodarmer!

This CD is scheduled for release by Sony Masterworks on January 20, 1998.
It is currently available directly from Pangaea Productions.

Famous Guitarmaker's Featured Artist
Kurt Rodarmer - An Introduction
RealAudio Clips  ·  My Review of this recording
Jan Hanford's review at the J.S. Bach Home Page

The Quiz ...

Bach's Concerto for Four Harpsichords was actually a transcription
of a Concerto for Four Violins by this Italian, Baroque composer:

Antonio Vivaldi

Bach spent his entire life in Germany.
Where was he born and where did he die?

Eisenach (Thuringia) and Leipzig

Name two of Bach's sons who became popular composers in their day.

Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philip Emmanuel, and/or Johann Christian Bach. ( Sorry, 'Fred and Bob' were not correct )

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