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Bach Quiz No. 31 - January 2001
Answer the Bach Quiz correctly and you'll be entered to win a Bach CD!
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Ilan Guetta plays Bach Electric

This month's prize has been provided by
JRB Records

Ilan Guetta - Electric Guitar
The Israel String Quartet

Concerto in A minor - BWV 1041
Symphony, Part II from the Easter Oratorio - BWV 249
Concerto in C minor - BWV 1060
Allegro Assai from Sonata No. 3 in C Major
( orig Solo Violin ) - BWV 1005
Concerto in D minor - BWV 1043

Ilan Guetta started his professional music career as a professional musician in the Israeli Air-Forces orchestra.

He worked as a professional guitar session player on many albums and performances with some of the most famous Israeli rock artists, including lead & rhythm guitars on the charts No. 1 mega-hit Stumbling on Heaven by The Doppler Effect.

On 1995 Guetta went to the USA in order to complete is theoretical and composition music studies with esteemed New-York teachers.

Following this experience (and coming from mixed classical and rock backgrounds), he produce and recorded his debut album: Ilan Guetta Plays Bach Electric (JRB Records/USA) featuring him on the electric guitar, accompanied by the Israel String quartet of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Quiz ...


What is the standard tuning for an electric guitar?
E A D G B E ( low to high )

True or False: The Guitar evolved from the Lute


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