Sites that include information about Baroque-era instruments.

Tononi Records - Benedict Cruft - Sonatas & Partias for Solo ViolinTononi Records - featuring Benedict Cruft - Sonatas & Partias for Solo Violin
Tononi Records is an independent Record Company which was formed in 2000. The first CD to be published is a 2CD album of J.S.Bach's Sonatas & Partias (sic, you will see why we have used Partia rather than Partita, if you visit the site) for solo violin played by Benedict Cruft. Cruft has been specialising in performing these six masterpieces as a set, over a pair of recitals since 1987 and recorded them in a six day period in the Autumn (fall) of 1998 in the glorious acoustics of the early Norman Binham Priory in Norfolk.
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Andrea Padova - PianistAndrea Padova - Pianist
Andrea Padova first achieved critical attention when he won the "J.S.Bach" International Piano Competition in 1995 and since then has been widely considered "one of the most important contemporary interpreters of Bach on the Piano" (Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung).
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Ashmont Music - J.S. Bach - Cello Suites Performed on ViolaAshmont Music - Patricia McCarty - J.S. Bach - Six Cello Suites performed on viola
Ashmont Music is a small independent record label and distributor specializing in viola repertoire. Here you will find information about recordings currently available from us and be able to order them.
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Bob Gallway - Partitas for Alto Saxophone and KeyboardBob Gallway - Partitas for Alto Saxophone and Keyboard
Partitas for Keyboard with Alto Saxophone! Bob Gallway - Sax, John Sankey - Keyboard MIDI accompaniment.
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Bridge Records - Barbara Westphal - Cello Suites Performed on ViolaBridge Records - Barbara Westphal - Cello Suites Performed on Viola
"German virtuoso Barbara Westphal's viola recording of Bach's 6 cello suites sheds new light on these great masterpieces. Westphal's viola playing features flawless intonation and gorgeous viola tone from her 1570 Da Salo instrument."
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Bach BowBACH.Bogen, Curved Bows for String Instruments, Rundbögen für Streichinstrumente
The BACH.Bogen enables the string player to play on one, two, three and four strings simultaneously and to change flexibly between these combinations. Its high arch allows polyphonous playing and a lever mechanism effects the tension and release of the bow's hairs.
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Abram BezuijenAbram Bezuijen - concert organist ( The Goldberg Variations for Organ )
"Abram Bezuijen (1966) studied organ at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Arie J. Keijzer, and piano with Frans van Hoek. In 1990 he earned the diploma for Music Pedagogy and in 1991 that for Performing Musician (organ). ... Abram Bezuijen plays concerts in Norway, the Netherlands and Germany and has made various CD and radio recordings."
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Lyrichord Discs - Early Music WingLyrichord Discs - Early Music Wing
"... here is a recorded series that will present all the major keyboard works of J.S. Bach in virtuosic performances on the clavichord, using superb reproductions by Ronald Haas of period instruments. The player is Richard Troeger, noted clavichordist, harpsichordist, and fortepianist. Vol. 1 of the series, just released, is a 2-CD set ( priced as a single CD! ) presenting the 6 Partitas in their clavichord debut, revealing new clarity, brilliance, nuances, and colors. Richard Troeger is a keyboard master whose Bach interpretations are among the finest ever recorded." - Ordering information is available at the Lyrichord web site.
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Tjako van Schie - Goldberg VariationsTjako van Schie's Home Page / The Goldberg Variations
Tjako van Schie is a talented pianist from the Netherlands. He has recorded a well-played and tastefully interpreted CD of the Goldberg Variations on the Piano which is currently available at
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Scott Slapin - Sonatas and PartitasScott Slapin - The Six Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin transcribed for Viola
'The Stewart Society for the Recorded Sound is pleased to announce the release of J. S. Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Violin (BWV 1001-1006) and the Unaccompanied Partita for Flute (BWV 1013) performed on the viola by Scott Slapin.
This two-disc set is the first complete recording of these works on the viola and undoubtedly a milestone in the history of the viola as a solo instrument.'
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The Bach Cello Suites On Trumpet by David CooperThe Bach Cello Suites On Trumpet by David Cooper
"I have also made every effort to maintain the integrity of the Bach Cello Suites when I recorded them on the trumpet. I have pursued a warmer, 'woodier' tone by recording fairly close-miked and with a softer, more relaxed volume. I also tried to model the trumpet sound after the cello with regard to articulation, phrasing, vibrato and ornamentation. "
Also check out at Blue Mounds Productions.
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Bach - The Fencing MasterBach - The Fencing Master
The famous Dutch cellist Anner Bylsma has written the long expected book about the Bach Cello Suites. Now, it is published. Its title is "Bach, The Fencing Master or reading aloud from the first three cello suites". The books brings new life into the discussion about how to perform these suites. Whoever reads it gets really enthusiastic about it. Mr. Bylsma's knowledge, sense of humor and entirely new view on the suites are compelling.
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Ernesto Tamayo Plays BachErnesto Tamayo Plays Bach
"It is always a joy to hear familiar Bach works transcribed for guitar. These works for violin and flute are familiar to all of us. But Ernesto gives us much more, he puts a lot of himself into his interpretation. He is both technically skilled and exceptionally expressive." - Jan Hanford - the J.S. Bach Home Page
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Annette BartholdyAnnette Bartholdy
A talented young Violist whose playing is as beautiful as she is. :-) Check out her CD of Bach's 2nd Suite for Solo Cello played on the Viola! It also includes the Arpeggione Sonata by Franz Schubert and the Cadenza for Solo Viola by Krzystof Penderecki.
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Linn RecordsLinn Records
Featuring Nigel North's Bach on the Lute series of Solo Violin and Solo Cello transcriptions. - 'Linn Records represents some of the most prestigious artists in the music world. Our catalogue covers a wide repertoire, from early music through to rock 'n' roll. The superb performances captured on the Linn label have won worldwide critical acclaim for artistic merit and recording quality.'
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Raven Compact DiscsRaven Compact Discs
New J. S. Bach - Only Recording of Unpublished Organ Works
'The first and only recording of 21 organ chorales very likely to be by J. S. Bach, including his only work for trumpet and organ, contained in the BWV since 1950 (and in Appendix II since 1990) yet to be published for the first time in late 1998 or early 1999 by Breitkopf in an edition by Stephen Rapp, the organist on this CD, and Douglas Myers, the Trumpeter. 1995 Richards, Fowkes & Co. organ, St. John's Lutheran Church, Stamford, Connecticut.'
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Rafal NowakOrgan Music by Rafal Nowak
'Baroque Masters' - description of the CD recorded by Rafal Nowak - including mostly J.S.Bach and also N. Bruhns.
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Jozsef EötvösJozsef Eötvös - Bach's Goldberg Variations Played on the Guitar
'Joszef Eötvös may have produced one of the finest major transcription for the guitar of the second half of the century. His variations are well crafted for a solo guitar, and stands up well against the original Bach manuscript. One cannot help feeling that the result is another faithful work of art, something that would have left a smile on Bach's face!' - Michael Stitt - Bach Plucked
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Calcante RecordingsCalcante Recordings, Ltd
'... it is the mission of Calcante Recordings, Ltd. to record in the digital domain as many significant organs and gifted young organists hitherto relatively unrecorded.'
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American BachMichael J. Miles and the Magic Banjo - American Bach
'Michael J. Miles was voted by Banjo Newsletter Readers as one of the "top ten clawhammer banjo players in America." ... His new recording American BACH, featuring Miles transcriptions for banjo of JS Bach's cello suites and his own composition, Suite for the Americas, was released in September, 1997.'
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Strad to StratKevin Ferguson/Strad to Strat - Bach & Paganini on the Electric Guitar
'This is the latest CD by electric guitarist, Kevin Ferguson and has been in the Top Selling List of Locals Only Records since it was released.'
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Bach PluckedBach Plucked - Bach on the Lute & Guitar
'This site is devoted to the playing of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his contemporaries including S L Weiss played on the lute and guitar.'
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ORPHEON - Museum of Historical Musical Instruments
'This museum offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience visually and acoustically some very fine instruments from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical Periods. The displays will subserve primarily didactic purposes, at once embedding the instruments in the context of social history and the fine arts, as well as emphasizing the role these instruments can assume in the legitimate interpretation of music respecting its inherent aesthetic principles.'
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Teri Noel Towe's Johann Sebastian Bach Pages
Portraits, Places Familiar to Sebastian Bach, Pipe Organs Played by Sebastian Bach, Rebuilding the Frauenkirche in Dresden, Sebastian Bach's Handwriting, Some Early Printed Editions, Recommended Recordings
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John Sankey - Harpsichordist to the Internet
First-rate MIDI sequences of works by Bach, Domenico Scarlatti, and William Byrd.
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Famous Guitarmaker's Featured Artist - Kurt Rodarmer 'The Goldberg Variations'
Famous Guitarmaker's Featured Artist review of Kurt Rodarmer's amazing recording of the Goldberg Variations for Classical Guitar.
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Kurt Rodarmer - An Introduction
'Kurt Rodarmer is a consummate musician. His mastery of the guitar places him squarely in the category of world-class artists, and his prodigious talent has been recognized and lauded by the likes of Segovia, Joaquín Rodrigo, Carlos Vázquez, and John McLaughlin. Kurt has spent the last ten years in relative seclusion during the preparation and recording of The Goldberg Variations CD. His transcription preserves Bach's music in its original form and makes use of custom instruments capable of producing the extended range required by the work.'
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The Baroque German Violin Bow- A Lost Art
'Discover the difference between the Italian violin bow which we know today, and the German baroque bow which is never seen nor heard today, though popular in baroque Germany. The vital difference: the German bow can play chords - which makes Bach's pieces for solo violin
infinitely more interesting, not to mention accurate!'
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The Lute-Harpsichord - A Forgotten Instrument
'Learn about one of Bach's favorite keyboard instruments which is now almost impossible to hear on record. It's a truly wonderful instrument with a deep, rich and resonant sound. No wonder Bach had one custom-built to his own specifications.'
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The PIPE List
'The "List" of Period Instrument Performance Ensembles.'
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Les Idées heureuses
Les Idées heureuses organized the Bach International Hapsichord Festival held in May 1997. The Festival was a one-time event that included ten concerts, five lectures and a harpsichord competition. Due to the enormous success of the harpsichord competition, however, that portion will become a regular event to be held every two years. The next one will take place in the spring of 1999.'
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Organ Festival Holland
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Lara St. John's Home Page
Home page of the lovely Lara St. John who recorded a remarkable CD of the 2nd Partita and 3rd Sonata for Solo Violin. A great site with audio clips.
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Baroque Week 1998
'The highly successful Baroque Chamber Music Week, founded by Walter Bergmann, is now in its 21th season and takes place in the attractive surroundings of King Alfred's College, Winchester, England.'
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Harpsichords and Related Topics
'HPSCHD-L is an electronic mailing list devoted to early stringed keyboard instruments: harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos, virginals, and all similar instruments except the modern piano. The list is an open forum for all topics related to these instruments, including their theory and principles of construction, decoration, and history and evolution from their earliest beginnings through modern times.'
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The Official Wendy Carlos Online Information Source!
'Wendy Carlos is one of the most important composers living today. While primarily connected to the field of electronic music, her compositions transcend the genre. It is certain that her music will be remembered as major milestones of 20th century music.'
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Early Music FAQ
'This is the Frequently Asked Questions page for Early Music (Western music of the Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque eras). We attempt to cover all aspects in greater or lesser depth.'
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Bach: A small contribution to his web presence
On this web-site, some less known illustrations of stations in the life and work of Sebastian Bach are provided.
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Kevin Ferguson - Strad to Strat: Bach and Paganini on Electric Guitar
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Douglas Yeo FAQ: Bach Cello Suites
'Sooner or later, every serious student of the trombone is going to work on the Cello Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach. While being profound music, they present unique challenges to the trombonist. I use the Suites with students beginning in their sophomore year, and am often asked by students and teachers alike about why I use them and how to begin approaching them with a player.'
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Classical Midi Organ Stop!
'The CMOS! contains a large collection of classical & religious sequences. The 'Pipe Organ' sequences were produced on a midi Reuter pipe organ. The CMOS! also contains many very fine Bach sequences.'
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GOTTFRIED SILBERMANN: Master Organ-Builder of the German Baroque
'JS Bach's close friend and contemporary. Pictures, historical detail, locations of instruments; a visit to the Silbermann Museum in Schloss Frauenstein (Saxony); concerts and recitals on Silbermann organs; Silbermann Organ Festival; important addresses and accommodation contacts in the "Silbermann Territory" around Freiberg, Saxony.

The Oboe and the Oboe D'amore in Bach's Church Cantatas
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the EarlyMusic-ian
'Welcome to the EarlyMusic-ian , homepage for Robert Hill. I am a keyboard player specializing in performance on historical keyboard instruments: harpsichord, fortepiano and clavichord. On this page you will find press information about me including a current biography and discography.'
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Bach's Method of Transcription by Philip Hii
'Among the huge corpus of works by J.S. Bach is a sizeable number of transcriptions. A rather neglected part of the Bach repertory, these transcriptions have only recently gained more respectability and interest among scholars and performers. Their impact on the area of performance practice and the study of Bach's compositional process is evident in a number of notable studies.'
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Creative Concepts Publishing Corporation
Publishes Bach works for piano and arranged for classical guitar.
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Guitar Gallery of Houston
Sheet Music, Instructional Videos, CD's, & Hand-Made Acoustic Guitars
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Viola da Gamba Society of America
'The Viola da Gamba Society of America is a not-for-profit national organization dedicated to the support of activities relating to the viola da gamba in the United States and abroad. It is a society of players, builders, publishers, distributors, restorers and others sharing a serious interest in music for viols and other early bowed string instruments.'

Claviers Baroques
'We are builders of Historical Keyboard Instruments. We sell, service, repair, rent, restore, tune, transport and do consulting on: Harpsichords, Spinets, Virginals, Clavichords, Fortepianos, & Lautenwerke '

Harpsichord Information Center
'Glad you could make it! Let me take you on a personal tour of these extraordinary historical keyboard instruments!'

The Music of Jeff Harrington
'My music reflects my interest in music as an expression of drama and of dance. Tonal and intensely contrapuntal, it is inspired by New Orleans and classical music traditions.'
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The Belgian Flute Pages
All sorts of great resources for the flute.
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ORPHEON - Sonatas for viola da gamba and obligato harpsichord
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Viola Da Gamba

Classical Guitar and Lute
'Your source of links to Great Music and Information for Guitar and Lute'
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The Viola da Gamba
'These pages are my contribution to the world of viol players and music. Together with Jonathan Dunford, a Real viol player, I have tried to organize some of the resources available both on and off the Internet.'
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The Lute Page
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The Lute Society of America Page!

1st International Bach-Abel-Competition for Viola da gamba Köthen / Anhalt

Alex Jacobowitz - Xylophone
'"... a splendid performer, who never allowed virtuosity to blanket the unique musical message.'
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Bach Prelude #1 Arranged For Guitar
'Almost everyone knows the famous J. S. Bach Prelude #1 from The Well Tempered Clavier, book 1. Here is an arrangement I have made which follows the harmonic progressions of the prelude but is quite different melodically.'
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Bach Central Station -