Sites that have Bach scores or vocal music texts for sale or available on-line.

BACH 2000Goldberg Variations Maniacs
A site dedicated to Bach's Goldberg Variations. Includes a huge listing of Goldberg Variations recordings and links to other sources of information on Bach and the Goldberg Variations.
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The Bach Cello Suites On Trumpet by David CooperThe Bach Cello Suites On Trumpet by David Cooper
"I have also made every effort to maintain the integrity of the Bach Cello Suites when I recorded them on the trumpet. I have pursued a warmer, 'woodier' tone by recording fairly close-miked and with a softer, more relaxed volume. I also tried to model the trumpet sound after the cello with regard to articulation, phrasing, vibrato and ornamentation. "
Also check out at Blue Mounds Productions.
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Bach - The Fencing MasterBach - The Fencing Master
The famous Dutch cellist Anner Bylsma has written the long expected book about the Bach Cello Suites. Now, it is published. Its title is "Bach, The Fencing Master or reading aloud from the first three cello suites". The books brings new life into the discussion about how to perform these suites. Whoever reads it gets really enthusiastic about it. Mr. Bylsma's knowledge, sense of humor and entirely new view on the suites are compelling.
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American BachMichael J. Miles and the Magic Banjo - American Bach
'Michael J. Miles was voted by Banjo Newsletter Readers as one of the "top ten clawhammer banjo players in America." ... His new recording American BACH, featuring Miles transcriptions for banjo of JS Bach's cello suites and his own composition, Suite for the Americas, was released in September, 1997.'
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Strad to StratKevin Ferguson/Strad to Strat - Bach & Paganini on the Electric Guitar
'This is the latest CD by electric guitarist, Kevin Ferguson and has been in the Top Selling List of Locals Only Records since it was released.'
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Bach PluckedBach Plucked - Bach on the Lute & Guitar
'This site is devoted to the playing of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his contemporaries including S L Weiss played on the lute and guitar.'
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Bernat on Bach - Six Suites for Double Bass
'Recently featured on National Public Radio's Morning Edition broadcast throughout the U.S., double bassist Mark Bernat and his recording of Bach's Six Suites have generated considerable interest in the world of classical music. Performed by cellists for many years, these major works have become important additions to the double bass repertoire. For double bassists, the recording supplements Mr. Bernat's transcription of the Suites published by International Music Company, widely regarded as the definitive edition among double bassists. For a more general audience, this recording provides a refreshing perspective on Bach's music, enhanced by the depth and richness of Mr. Bernat's performance. The first of its kind, this landmark recording is destined to become a classic among double bassists and Bach enthusiasts alike.'
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Dr Yo Tomita, School of Music, Queen's University
This site features a wealth of information and resources related to Bach including a comprehensive Bach Bibliography, Source Studies of the Well-Tempered Clavier Book II and high quality MIDI files. This site also features the 'Bach' Musicological Font, a high quality font face with additional music symbols that blend seamlessly with the text. There is also information about Yo's publications including J. S. Bach's `Das Wohltemperierte Clavier II': A Critical Commentary, 3 vols. and many online essays.
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Dave's J.S. Bach Page
Original MIDI Files, Images, RealAudio Files, Recommended Recordings, a Bach Works Catalog, Links, and More
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J.S. Bach: The Cantatas
'This is the modest beginning of an effort to present the German texts (with English translations and commentaries) of all Bach's more than 200 cantatas in an internet-accessible form.'
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Club JSB
'Dedicated to the music of J.S. Bach and other great composers and performers'
Includes: On J.S. Bach's Fantasy & Fugue, BWV 906, J.S. Bach's Ornament Table, A Tribute to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Glenn Gould and the Electronic Future
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The Canons and Fugues of J. S. Bach
Canons & Fugues contains a theory of canonic and fugal processes linked to examples of analyzed canons and fugues by J. S. Bach. Canons include those of the Goldberg Variations and Addendum, Musical Offering, Art of Fugue, Orgelbüchlein, Vom Himmel hoch, Clavier-Übung III, Honorific works and concludes with an essay "Why Did Bach Write Canons?" Fugues include the Art of Fugue, portions of the Well Tempered Clavier, and conclude with directions on how to Analyze a Fugue. The site also contains extensive biography and history including Bach's Education & Career, the Bach Family, the Baroque Ideal, Bach's Contemporaries, and an essay on the importance of Bach's work in contemporary art and criticism "Not Bach, but Meer."
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Bach: the Baroque, and Beyond
'Bach: the Baroque and Beyond" is a graduate seminar in music theory and analysis that Northern Arizona University is delivering via the World-Wide Web this fall. The course explores themes which emerge in the 18th century, reach heights of tonal complexity in the music of J. S. Bach, and have continued to inspire and inform composers into the 19th and 20th centuries. The purpose of the seminar is to illustrate how musical structure and style in the western classical tradition draw from a continuum of techniques composers have sought consciously to exploit. Many of these techniques originated in the baroque with pedagogies transmtting them to musicians of the last two centuries having consistently used Bach as model.'
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Teri Noel Towe's Johann Sebastian Bach Pages
Portraits, Places Familiar to Sebastian Bach, Pipe Organs Played by Sebastian Bach, Rebuilding the Frauenkirche in Dresden, Sebastian Bach's Handwriting, Some Early Printed Editions, Recommended Recordings
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GMD - Music Archive
Downloadable PostScript versions of Bach Scores and CD catalogs for various labels.
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St. Matthew Passion
The full German text of Bach's St. Matthew Passion, one of the greatest pieces of music ever written ( IMHO ).
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University Music Editions - Bach, Complete Works
The Bach-Gesellschaft Edition of the complete works of Bach on microfiche.
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RG Editions Home Page
'RG Editions - 17th and 18th century chamber music - scholarly, practical, value for money. ... a small "cottage industry" publishing company, ...has recently published pieces by JCF Bach, hitherto completely unpublished. Namely, two trio sonatas for 2 violins and continuo, and two trios for violin, viola and piano (or harpsichord). The editions are Urtext, made from 18th century manuscripts.'
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Bärenreiter Study Scores / Bach
Bach sheet music.
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Julius Herford Collection: J.S. Bach
A listing of Bach related items in the Julius Herford Collection.
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Musique & Musiciens ( Catalogue BWV )
Catalogue (in French) of all vocal and instrumental works by J.S. Bach with alphabetical indexes.
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Texts of the Bach Cantatas
Texts of all Bach Cantatas (in German, Translations to come)
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Creative Concepts Publishing Corporation
Publishes Bach works for piano and arranged for classical guitar.
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Guitar Gallery of Houston
Sheet Music, Instructional Videos, CD's, & Hand-Made Acoustic Guitars
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Hundreds of Bach books and CD's.
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The Music of Jeff Harrington
'My music reflects my interest in music as an expression of drama and of dance. Tonal and intensely contrapuntal, it is inspired by New Orleans and classical music traditions.'
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Xinh's JS Bach Index / J.S. Bach Mass in B Minor
Writings on J.S. Bach's Mass in B Minor including: Composition of the work, Organization of movements, Text of the Mass in B Minor, Balance in musical style, Symmetry in Credo, Closer look at individual movements .

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Classical Guitar and Lute
'Your source of links to Great Music and Information for Guitar and Lute'
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The Lute Page
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Podium Music - Catalogue of Sheet Music for Brass and Woodwind Ensembles
"Our catalogue offers all musicians a wide variety of music, from beginner to advanced, student to professional, duet to nontet, Bach to Bartok. Our music is suitable for performances in recitals, concerts, and competitions, or for simply playing with family, friends and colleagues."
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Maleki Music Inc.
'Since 1932, Malecki Music has been the printed music resource of choice for directors and musicians everywhere. Since that time, we have sold printed music to schools, churches, and individuals in all 50 states and over 30 countries. Now with the worldwide web, we are able to extend our music service even further.'
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Bach Prelude #1 Arranged For Guitar
'Almost everyone knows the famous J. S. Bach Prelude #1 from The Well Tempered Clavier, book 1. Here is an arrangement I have made which follows the harmonic progressions of the prelude but is quite different melodically.'
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MUSIC OF INTELLECT the Goldberg Variations
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Zur theologischen Dimension in Bachs Kunst der Fuge
( in German )
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